Printing technology by laser engraving on rubber is a process of removing blank elements on the printing matrix by means of a laser beam. The use of a laser allows you to achieve a high level of resolution and provide an unsurpassed degree of protection against counterfeiting.

For the manufacture of seals by this method special rubber is mainly used for laser engraving. Since ordinary black rubber is not intended for laser engraving: the material emits soot during processing which pollutes the lenses and mirrors of the laser engraver, and the quality of the finished product is much lower than that of similar products made on special rubber.

Helpful advice: When cutting rubber, clean the lens more often than for example when cutting plywood!

Automation of the manufacturing process ensures high quality and efficiency of work. The participation of the operator is not necessary, because the equipment is connected to the computer to which the image diagram is sent.

Laser engraver is equipment for high-precision processing of rubber by a laser beam controlled by a computer. The use of a laser with high quality radiation, with a high-precision optical-mechanical beam positioning system, with an advanced system of electronic control and diagnostics of the work carried out ensures the production of seals at the highest level of quality.

Laser engraving is effective in the manufacture of a seal by the impression. The laser beam creates a pattern of the required depth. This significantly improves the quality of the finished forms, they are durable, resistant to ink and have a long service life.

Helpful advice: When preparing the layout, you need to put a unidirectional type of engraving; this will improve the quality of the resulting image, but will reduce the speed of engraving in two.

It is worth noting that the process of making seals using laser engraving is considered one of the most expensive, however, made in this way, the seal has the highest degree of protection against forgery. It is not surprising that in the sphere of medium and large businesses, this method is very popular.

The advantages of laser engraving seals include:

  • Contactlessness. Laser-type engraving tools affect the material with a beam of light. And contact of mechanical elements with the processed surface does not occur, thereby reducing the risk of damage and deformation of the printing surface.
  • High processing speed. This method will be an excellent solution when urgent production of seals is required.
  • High resolution is achieved due to the accuracy of cutting the pattern on the rubber. The quality of the cliché allows you to provide unsurpassed protection against forgery. Laser engraving produces a first-class print.
  • Resistance to wear, which is achieved through the use of high-quality rubber, resistant to alcohol color, as well as to mechanical influences.

Helpful advice: Wattsan machines are equipped with two types of nozzles through which the air flow is carried out; we recommend that you put a wider nozzle that provides air flow over the area and as a result better removal of vapors.

Laser manufacturing technology is by far the most highly accurate and modern method that allows you to create a print with elements of the smallest sizes, including elements of protection against forgery, such as: microfonts, decorative rings, micro-grids, patterns, halftones, and hidden images.

Note that according to the requirements of the existing national standard (GOST), the production of stamp printing is allowed only by laser engraving. For those who want to make prints that cannot be forged, with the image of complex graphic elements, a laser engraver is ideal.

Helpful advice: For engraving seals, use tubes of lower power, for the 60 Watts tube the resulting spot will be much smaller than, for example, for a tube with a power of 120 Watts. By the way, this is not connected with the tube, but with the minimum ignition power.

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