4 reasons to become our dealer

  • Service technicians training and online-support 24/7
  • Flexible prices: 3-stage rating system for our partners
  • Marketing support: sponsorship of advertising campaign for our brand in your country
  • 3 worldwide shipping options for your convenience

We care about our reputation and it is important for us that all our customers receive reliable machine tools and high-quality support service.

Therefore, we are very careful to working with our dealers.

Being a Wattsan dealer, you become part of a big company.

According to our data, for 3 months of cooperation with, dealers increase their profits from the sale of machines by an average of 20%.

Wattsan has a huge database on machine tool operation, material handling, industrial engineering, business process unification, customer support, etc.

We are ready to train your employees and improve your sales:

  • customer communication scripts
  • coaching from leading experts in our international department
  • work on results

We care about our reputation, and it is important for us that all our customers receive durable machines and high-quality support service. Therefore, we always support our dealers to achieve this goal together.

The Wattsan Partner Support Program takes care of this:

  • Annual training and certification of service specialists for all dealers. New machines in the Wattsan line, planned updates.
  • Training on machine launching and maintenance.
  • Training on working with various software controls.
  • Training on the specifics of processing various materials.
  • Work in an integrated information system.
  • Online support 
  • Marketing support on all Wattsan resources.
  • Support in logistics around the world

Wattsan has a huge database on machine tools operation, materials processing, industrial engineering, unification of business processes, customer support, etc.

We believe that the improvement of the machine tools should be accompanied by the support of each of our customers. Knowing how to work with various materials, software and basics of production helps customers start profiting from our machines faster.

Another goal is to make our customers competitive due to the quality of products made on Wattsan machines!