The process of manufacturing a new machine begins with the product development stage. Wattsan engineers develop and improve equipment based on data from technical support specialists and feedback from our customers. Over the years, more than 50 improvements have been made to the design of Wattsan machines.

The stepper motor is located in the center of the shaft on the Y-axis to uniform the distributed load; this significantly increases its service life and the accuracy of manufacturing small parts.

When choosing components for equipment, the company focuses on the most reliable and common components. This allows us to be as flexible as possible for our clients. We work with the following leading brands: HIWIN, MAXphotonics, Raycus, IPG, Raytools, WSX, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Leadshine, Reci, Lasea, GDZ, etc.

Wattsan equipment is manufactured under strict control in accordance with quality standards. All machines have a frame structure and are made of thick-walled metal, which increases the resistance of the machine to constant vibrations and maintains its accuracy. This is also facilitated by the preliminary furnace tempering of the frame, which relieves stress from the metal.

Platforms for guide rails and helical racks are pre-milled and ground, after which robotic assembly takes place. Each element is checked for accuracy and straightness by laser devices.

After assembly, each machine is checked with special devices, a test sample is started. The Ballbar system is used to test the accuracy: it measures the actual circular path and compares it with the programmed path.

Before packing the machine, the repeated test switch-on and the obligatory check of the complete set are carried out. It is important for us that our machines reach our customers intact and undamaged. That is why all Wattsan machines are packed in accordance with the standards, providing secure delivery to any country. On request, the factory can pack the machine in a different way.

We take care of our reputation and therefore are ready to be responsible for the quality of our products.