Wattsan is a Chinese manufacturer of CNC machine tools. Now our machines are presented in 23 countries of the world. Wattsan designs and manufactures CNC laser, milling, and metalworking machines, which are widely used in:

• woodworking,
• aerospace,
• plastic,
• and the composite industry.

Also, found application in almost all industries from medicine to souvenirs.

Wattsan continuously improves machine tools in order to be the preferred supplier for our customers and partners.

We focus on feedback from everyone using our machines:
• Clients,
• Engineers,
• Dealers

Take part in the improvement of our products every day.

Since 2003, we have been driven by the desire to improve Wattsan machines!

Our success is due to the constant improvement of the Wattsan machines and the following five points:

• Continuous operation
• Availability of components all over the world
• Service response time
• Support and training of clients and partners

These goals drive us from the first day on the road to perfection, and as is well known, sky is the limit.

Wattsan Availability Concept

Another aim of our company is the availability of our products for everyone from a novice to an industrial enterprise.

To achieve this goal, we not only optimize the cost of machines, but also take into account such factors as:

A wide range of models: both for all our products (from a laser marker to a metalworking machine), and within a separate line.
Modernization of a single machine for different applications, our machines have upgrades aimed at working on stone, and for working with fabric or plastics.
Training: every customer should know that working on Wattsan is easy and there is a support service at the factory or dealer center in your area to get started.

Wattsan technical service is always in touch and ready to help:

• Virtual support.
• Modernization of outdated machines.
• Advice on working with materials.
• Recommendations in production cycle development.
• In-depth training both when purchasing machines, and at any time after.

The service is available to everyone who has a Wattsan machine, regardless of whether you have a new machine or purchased on the secondary market.

Welcome to Wattsan, where every employee is dedicated to helping our customers make a profit working on our machines.

If you do not find information on our website, call or email us!

Wattsan your true production!