Laser marking machines are used everywhere from mechanical engineering to souvenir production. The demand for laser metal engravers is growing due to the large-scale use of equipment for engraving products.

In this article, we will tell you what a laser marking machine is, what functions it has, and how to choose the most optimal one.

laser marking machine

What is a laser marking machine and where can it be used?

A fiber laser marker equipment designed for marking and engraving on material. 

The main part of a laser metal engraver is the emitter, which burns out the surface layer of the material with a laser beam.

laser marker etching leather

The laser marking machine can be used to work with the following materials:

  • wood;
  • acryl;
  • leather;
  • ceramics;
  • plastics;
  • metal;
  • rubber and many others.

The machine is capable of engraving on both organic materials (CO2 systems) and metals (fiber optic markers). 

marking sheet metal

A laser metal marking machine is used to produce:

  • shields;
  • license plates;
  • souvenir items with engraving and much more.

The laser marker works by burning the pattern on the material, while the possibility of damaging it is excluded.

Advantages of a laser marking machine

  • No production waste. Unlike fiber metal cutters, no debris (chips and dust) is generated during the work;
  • Easy operation and maintenance. Anyone can master the skills of using the equipment;
  • Reliability. When used properly, the purchased equipment will last for many years;
  • Wide range of processing materials. The fiber laser marker can work with virtually any material, even the most fragile one. The main thing is to choose the optimal type of equipment;
  • Manufacture of high quality products. The laser marker allows you to engrave complex patterns that will be durable and will not change under any circumstances.

The fiber metal laser marker is suitable for the production of any scale. The high-quality equipment pays off quickly and virtually does not need to be repaired during the entire service life (more than 6 years).

Marking and engraving

gold laser marker

There are two main types of work done with a fiber laser marker:

  • Marking;
  • Engraving.

In the first case, the material is processed by a machine to apply the desired shade. 

When engraving, the material is affected in depth. In other words, a drawing or an inscription is applied by burning the surface.

A single laser marking system can be used for both marking and engraving metal.

A laser marking specifications

marking a fabric

The marking laser consists of a large number of elements that ensure its operation. The main part is the emitter.

Emitters are usually divided into two types:

  • Fiber optic (ytterbium), designed to work with metal;
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) emitter is used for processing organic material.

The choice of marker always depends on the type of material being processed.

It is worth noting that fiber equipment, unlike gas equipment, has a higher processing speed and a longer service life.

Let us take a look at three proven companies that produce high-quality fiber optic emitters.

IPG Photonics

Leading manufacturer of components for marking laser equipment.

Due to the high frequency range, machines with this emitter are able to apply color images to hard metals. High performance and protection against reflections makes it possible to process non-ferrous metals.

Main advantages:

  • Large functionality for a wide range of works;
  • Long service life (up to 100000 hours);
  • High beam quality without dissipation;
  • Unique systems and methods of material processing.

Markers with an IPG emitter are the best choice for high speed processing of complex materials.

MAX Photonics

A low-cost Chinese brand for the production of marking lasers components. 

Max Photonics can be used to produce shields, souvenir products with simple drawings, inscriptions or customer logos, to apply barcodes and serial numbers.

The main advantage of the brand is value for money. Despite the lesser demand, the emitters have a long service life and a wide range of optional features. Lasers with this emitter will allow the owner to process many types of material. Such as:

  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • epoxy resin;
  • rubber;
  • ceramics and other.

Markers with an emitter of this brand will be excellent equipment to start your own production.


A Chinese company that has been producing fiber-optic emitters since 2007.

The emitters are mainly designed for marking metal surfaces. High speed, productivity and reasonable cost allow you to perform work both in large and small production. 

Criteria for choosing a laser marking machine

Purchasing equipment for production is confusing for inexperienced people. The range is very large, but the choice is always individual. That is why we offer you to note the important criteria for choosing machines (according to technical characteristics). The information will help you to choose the most optimal model for your production.

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Engraving detail and material processing speed depend on the choice of emitter power. Accordingly, the higher the power, the faster and better the work of marking laser will be performed.

This criterion is very important if the production is aimed at processing items in large quantities.

Typically, emitters with an average power (20-50 W) are used in production.

When working with fiber laser marker reflective metals (gold, silver and others), you should choose emitters with a power of 70 W or more. However, with such power, it is difficult to polish or clean items.

Lenses and working area

The choice of lens also determines the performance and quality of machining. The lens and the size of the working area are usually chosen in accordance with the thickness, dimensions and texture of the material.

Lenses with a short focal length (up to 2 inches) are used in markers designed for engraving thin material. For materials with greater thickness, long focal length lenses (from 4 inches) are usually used.

The working area is selected depending on the size of the processed item. Among the sizes of the working area, the following are in high demand: 100 * 100, 200 * 200 and 300 * 300 mm. 


The controller is a board that is responsible for controlling the operation of the marker.

Wattsan fiber laser marking systems are equipped with their own controllers that interact with the EZ CAD program. The software has extensive functionality for the full-fledged operation of laser markers and built-in generators for barcoding.

When choosing a controller, pay attention to the functionality of the software that is compatible with it.


Another important tool that fiber laser marking systems are equipped with. The scanner directs the laser beam with the help of two rotating mirrors into a special lens. From the lens, the beam is projected onto the material.

The weight of the mirrors determines how high the speed of movement of the laser beam will be. The lower the weight, the higher the speed. 

Wattsan laser marker models

Here is a brief overview of modern fiber laser marking systems models from Wattsan.

Wattsan FL TT

Laser power 30 W
Laser emitter JPT TT (MOPA)
Work area 200 x 200 mm
Marker type Table type

The laser marker is equipped with a movable unit with a lens. This allows you to easily rotate and set the support to the desired position.

The main advantage of Wattsan FL Top Table is the possibility of individual assembly for materials of any size. For example, if the material does not fit in height, then the support can be removed and the module with the scanner placed on the ceiling. This feature allows you to engrave large-sized products.

Wattsan FL ST

Laser power 20-50 W
Laser emitter IPG, MAX, RAYCUS
Work area 100 x 100 mm
Marker type Stand

Wattsan FL Static Table is a model equipped with a table that serves as a workstation. Such a design will allow you to place a personal computer in the workspace.

The marker is characterized by high performance and clear engraving. A built-in foot pedal will speed up work in batch production.

The fiber laser marker is equipped with a Max Photonics emitter, which is located inside the machine body. The controller is compatible with EzCad software. 

Wattsan FL ST is in high demand among large manufacturers. It can be used to make shields, souvenirs, put serial numbers, barcodes, etc.

Wattsan FL LT

The Wattsan FL Lifting Table is the most compact fiber laser model. The emitter is located in the same place as the marker head.

The head of the laser is static, so the focus is set by adjusting the table. 

Wattsan FL LT is ideal for processing small-sized items, and will be an indispensable assistant in the manufacture of signs, business cards and shields.

The laser marker belongs to the tabletop models. It comes with a foot pedal, which allows you to significantly speed up the batch production process.

Wattsan FL HH

Laser power 20-50 W
Laser emitter IPG, MAX, RAYCUS
Work area 100 x 100 mm
Marker type Handheld

Wattsan Hand Held refers to handheld laser markers. The appearance of this machine resembles the previous model. The main difference is the removable marking unit, which is equipped with a handle and a focus stop. Such a feature makes it easy to perform work in any plane. 

Machine control is carried out in the EzCad program. The software supports vector and bitmap images. A nice bonus is a built-in generator for applying barcodes, marking and QR-codes.

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Where to buy a laser marker?

You can buy a laser marker on many websites, including Chinese marketplaces. However, dubious suppliers will not be able to guarantee the high quality of the machine and its components. It is also not worth counting on the warranty service.

For these reasons, we recommend choosing proven manufacturers and suppliers. This will allow you to buy quality equipment with a warranty certificate.

Wattsan is a world-class manufacturer of laser and milling machines. By purchasing our equipment, you will receive:

  • help with starting-up and adjustment work;
  • training in working with a machine and software;
  • consultations and answers to your questions;
  • One –year warranty.

Our company also offers maintenance and repair services for laser markers from other manufacturers.

You can find out more by contacting our managers or visiting demo rooms demonstrating the work of our laser machines.

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