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From Vision to Precision: Wattsan at the SIGN China 2023

Place and Time

Sometimes, you can create a new tradition by joining an already established one. Especially when said tradition is one of showcasing the latest technological achievements the world over in sign industry. We’re speaking, of course, of the SIGN China. Which Wattsan joins this year.

Wattsan exhibited at SIGN China, a worldwide sign industry expo held from September 4 to 6, 2023. Wattsan showcased four of its latest devices at this exhibition, emphasising the company’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology in the signage industry.

Demonstration of modern equipment for various applications

Attendees at SIGN China 2023 had a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the capabilities of Wattsan’s leading equipment, including the 1530 S metal cutting machine, M3 1313 CNC router, 3-in-1 universal welding machine and the innovative UV TT laser marker.

Laser Metal Cutting Machine 1530 S

The highlight of Wattsan’s exhibition is the metal cutter 1530 S, featuring a powerful 4000W Raycus emitter and an expansive working table of 1500 x 3000 mm. Upgraded with high-performance Mitsubishi servo motors, the 1530 S boasts a movement speed of up to 1200 m/min, setting a new standard for speed without compromising on precision or accuracy.

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CNC router M3 1325

The M3 1313 CNC router, equipped with an automatic tool change and a robust 7.5 kW spindle, promises to revolutionize production speed. With an aspiration system and a vacuum table for secure material fixation on a 1300×1300 mm working table, the M3 1313 excels in cutting and engraving a variety of materials, including wood, MDF, acrylic, and aluminum.

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Laser Welding X 3-in-1

The Welder 3-in-1, presented in a sleek new black shell, is an efficient solution for those seeking multifunctionality. Capable of welding, cleaning, and cutting with simple module or nozzle changes, this powerful 2000W Raycus emitter device exemplifies versatility and ease of use.

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Laser marker UV TT

Completing Wattsan’s lineup is the laser marker UV TT, now in an elegant grey design. This marker is ideal for virtually any surface, including non-metals, metals, diamonds, and circuit boards. With capabilities extending to cutting and engraving materials like glass or cardboard, it is perfect for creating QR codes, barcodes, and personalized images.

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Wattan was glad to be a part of such a tradition and share it with you!

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