Exhibition 2024

Open up! It’s CIDE

Place and Time

Hello! We would like to invite you to the CIDE exhibition! This is the International Door and Home Furnishing event, which is held every spring in Beijing. From March 13 to 16 in the China International Exhibition Center, Shunyi Hall.

That’s a place to find collaborations, figure out upstream and downstream parts of your productions, and customize products. Design, new perspectives and trends, mainstream home media, and much more! In 2024 is going to be the 21-st Exhibition. 120 thousand quarter meters of furniture of all kinds, exterior and interior choices! 140 thousand guests, and us, ready to present our latest and best equipment for the industry.

Our Machines

Wattsan is going to showcase 4 CNC routers: the M3 1325 with auto tool change, the M1 1325 RD for woodworking, the 0609 Mini, and the M1 6090. In addition, the Laser Marker UV TT in a new gray casing.

CNC router M3 1325

The first one is the M3 1325. This machine will be presented with a 7,5 kW spindle and a vacuum table. Great equipment for furniture production. Its working table size of 1300×2500 mm is also perfect for doors. The M3 1325 is two times faster than other routers thanks to the automatic tool change. This model features a water aspiration system, quiet and pleasant at work. Wattsan router M3 can process wood, acrylic, plastics, soft metals, etc.

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CNC router M1 1325 RD

The second machine is M1 1325 RD. A unique piece of equipment that is fully dedicated to woodworking. This model can operate working pieces of size up to 1300×2500 mm. Additionally, it has a pre-installed rotary device! You may create wooden columns, elaborate chair legs, and so on. The M1 1325 RD, which will be presented at CIDE,  is equipped with a 4.5 kW spindle and a vacuum table. This router can work not only with wood or plywood but also with brass, plexiglass, plastic, etc.

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CNC router 0609 mini

Next up is the Wattsan 0609 mini. This tiny gentleman can create decor, handles, 3D finishes, etc. This is a table-top type that weighs around 175 kg, has vibration mounts, and ensures precision work. It is versatile and may be used for hobbies, classes, or business. At the CIDE will be showcased the 0609 mini with a 2,2 kW spindle and a DSP controller, A11 Rich Auto. And an aspiration system for 1 section.

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CNC router M1 6090

The last router is M1 6090. It’s a great middle-sized model for production. It has a 3,2 kW spindle with water cooling, a working area of 600×900 mm, and can operate all materials mentioned above. With M1 6090, you can manufacture cabinets, chairs, tables, parts, boxes, etc. Also, at the exhibit, we will show a model with a DSP controller, the A11 Rich Auto.

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Laser marker UV TT

A marking machine is another tool that might be used in the furniture manufacturing process. At the CIDE, we will bring the Wattsan UV TT in the new, ergonomic shell. This one can operate nearly anything, from wood and metals to diamonds and glass. A 5W JPT source will help to reach the highest quality during the work. Wattsan UV TT can be used for VIN numbering, QR codes, time and dates, etc. Marking is possible in a wide range of colors and tones, with clear edges.

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Join us

Wattsan will be happy to see you at the CIDE Exhibition!

Opening hours:
13–15 Mar  9:00 – 17:30
16 Mar  09:00 – 12:00

We will be located at Hall W4, Booth W4102A.

See you there!

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