APPP Expo 2024

Print, pack, and advertise — that’s Wattsan on the rise!

Place and Time

Hello! We would like to invite you to the world’s premiere exhibition for the advertising, printing, and packaging sectors, APPP Expo 2024. That’s going to be their 31st fair since 1993.

On February 28–March 2 Wattsan will be participating in this event held in Shanghai. There you will be able to see the latest decisions in inkjet and digital printing equipment, signs, displays, laser technologies for ads-business, design, and many more. Аnd our machines firsthand!

Our Machines

Wattsan will show four devices representing various sorts of laser equipment: the metal cutter 1530 S, the CNC router M3 1325, the welding machine 3-in-1, and the laser marker UV TT. If you’ve ever wanted to see them live, now’s your chance!

Laser Metal Cutting Machine 1530 S

The metal cutter 1530 S will be presented with a 4000W Raycus source. This allows you to increase production and cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and even titanium. This machine has a working table of 1500×3000 mm. The S series is equipped with a segmented welded bed with a thickness of 10-12 mm. This machine can be used in the manufacture of custom signs and lettering, logo and branding elements, metal business cards, awards and trophies, dimensional lettering and logos, event decor, architectural signage and etc.

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CNC router M3 1325

At the APPP Expo, we will present the milling machine M3 1325 with an automatic tool change and a 7.5 kW spindle. All of these factors contribute to increased production speed. The M3 1325 will have an aspiration system and a vacuum table, where the last one allows you to fixate materials on the working table of 1300×2500 mm. M3 1325 can cut and engrave wood, MDF, acrylic, aluminum, etc.

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Laser Welding X 3-in-1

An effective decision for those who are looking for one machine capable of many tasks. Weld, clean, and cut — one thing you have to do is change the module or nozzle, and you are ready to go. It is easy and fast to switch from one operation to another. At the exhibition, we will show a powerful 3-in-1 Welder in the new black shell with a 2000W Raycus source. Laser welding can be used in the manufacture of metal and volumetric signs, repair and maintenance of advertising props, production of promotional products and etc.

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Laser marker UV TT

The last one is the laser marker UV TT with a changed design, gray carcass. This marker allows marking almost any surface, non-metals and metals, diamonds and circuit boards. Also, you can cut and engrave some materials, like glass or cardboard. Perfect for QR codes, barcodes, and personified images, it can mark objects of any size at any angle thanks to the rotating and removable from the tripod scanner.

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Join us

Wattsan will be happy to see you at APPPExpo! You can find us at Booth 7.2-A0290. This event is a great opportunity to dive into the industry, make connections, and share experience.

See you!

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