The quality of the engraving depends on several characteristics of the tree: the presence of resin and the density of the material.

The more uniform the color and structure of the tree, the sharper and better the engraving.

Hard woods allow dark engraving, soft woods – lighter.

The drier the wood and the less resin it contains, the brighter the edges of the cut.

Soft structure
In a tree with a soft structure, the engraving looks less contrast, since the material is light.

Solid structure
To process oak or cherry, more laser power is needed. Engraving is more contrast.

Larch and spruce are not suitable for laser engraving. In the structure of such wood there are heterogeneous and very hard fibers. On the other hand, the material next to the fibers is very soft.

Plywood consists of at least three glued wood layers. We recommend using plywood with light glue. Another good choice is plywood made specifically for the laser.

MDF is easy to cut and laser engrave. The edges of the cut become very dark after processing.

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