Laser machines

Wattsan 1610 Camera Conveyer

Product information:

Ruida RDC6442G
Laser power
100-110 W
Tube life
6000-10000 h
Work area
1600x1000 mm
Price for request


Application place
For garage, For industry, For manufacture, For school and university, For workshop
3D puzzles, Advertising production, Clothing, Furniture, Home decor, Souvenirs, Woodworking
Ruida RDC6442G
Format type
Medium wide
Laser power
100-110 W
Table type
Tube life
6000-10000 h
Work area
1600x1000 mm
Laser type
Updown of table
Acrylic, Fur, Glass, Leather, MDF, Paper, Plastics, Plexyglass, Plywood, Stone, Textiles, Wood
Stepping motors
Linear PMI
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Wide application

The laser machine has a wide range of applications. The key demand is woodworking, furniture, light industry, manufacturing enterprises, advertising production, decorative production and souvenirs.

Scanning camera

The scanning camera is designed to detect the contours of patterns. This advanced technology allows its use in the manufacture of stripes, clothing and other products.

Conveyer table

The conveyor table is designed for unwinding and pulling fabrics and fur. This is an advanced device for clothing and textile factories.

Powerful laser tube

This machine is equipped with a powerful laser tube 100-120 watts. With such a tube, your machine will ideally cut and engrave various materials: wood, plastics, rubber, fabric and leather.

Hight precision

The machine is equipped with a CNC Ruida RDC6442G control system and display. The system allows you to conveniently control the operation of the machine, set the speed, power and other characteristics.

Perfect optics

The optical system consists of a professional laser head, 3 high-end mirrors and high-quality SeZn lens.

High-end kinematics

The highest level of kinematics ensures smooth portal movement and positioning accuracy of up to 0.03 mm. Three-phase stepper motors drive the portal along the square rail guides of the PMI.

Easy shipping

We use reliable packaging for transportation of goods. We take into account the wishes, the place of delivery and other features for maximum customer comfort.

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The machines of our factory are certified in international organizations. All tests confirmed the safety and performance of Wattsan machines.


Q1: How to choose a suitable machine?
You can tell us the working piece material, size, and the request of machine function. We can recommend the most suitable machine according to our experience.

Q2: This is the first time I buy the machine, is it easy to operate?
We can provide the operation manual or video for guiding, If it is hard for you learning, we can also help you by Team viewer ” online, with telephone or Skype explain.

Q3: Can you customize the machine for me?
Yes, we provide customized solution, but considering the cost, we will recommend the standard configuration to you first.

Q4: What is the guarantee? In case the machine break down?
T he machine has 1 year guarantee, fail parts will be replaced for free if the machine under ” normal operation”.

Q5: How about the documents after shipment?
We will send all the documents by air after shipment. Including packing list, commercial invoice, B/L, and other certificates required by clients.

Q6: Delivery time?
For standard machine, it would be 7-10 working days; for non-standard machine, it would be 15-30 working days.

Q7: How is the payment?
Normally we accept T/T or LIC, if you like other terms, tell us in advance.

Q8: Do you arrange the shipment for me?
For FOB or CIF price, we will arrange shipment for you, for EXW price, you should arrange the shipment by yourself.

Q9: How is the packing?
Step1: water proof wrapping film with foam protection in each corner.
Step2: Solid seaworthy wood box package with steel belt.
Step3: Save space as much as possible for container loading.

Can't choose the machine?
Ask me and i will help you!
Mr. Hao Youming
CNC expert