Choose power

The power of the laser tubes varies from 40 watts to 200 watts.

To cut thick materials you need more power. To cut 1 mm plywood, you need 10 watts; to cut 10 mm plywood, you need 100 watts.

Optimum power to medium format machines is 80-95 W or 100-120 W.

Choose machine size

The larger the machine, the higher its productivity.

If you have a small room, then pay attention to the models 0203 micro, 0503, 6040 and 6090.

If the room is large, then the 1290, 1610 and 2030 flat bed models will suit you.

Choose configuration

In addition to the basic models in the catalog there are models with two working heads, with a camera, with a conveyor table and their combinations.

Two working heads double the cutting efficiency. You get 2 times more products in the same time!

The scanning camera is used in the textile industry. A machine with a camera recognizes the given shapes and cuts them along the contour.

The conveyor table is also used in the textile industry. The automatic mechanism itself stretches and stretches the fabric for cutting.


There are two standard controllers on our machines.

Nano M2 is a simple integrated board. Suitable for simple tasks.

Ruida is a professional controller with a display and many advanced features.

UpDown of the table

An important parameter that is determined by your tasks.

If you do mass production of identical products, then the ST series is suitable for you. It has manual lifting and lowering of the table.

If you often cut and engrave on materials of various thicknesses or on a rotary device, then you need the LT series with an automatic lifting table.

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