CNC milling machines are multifunctional machines for machining wood, plastic and metal. Choosing a laser machine is a complex issue that requires competence. In this article we will give some recommendations.

Machine weight and construction

The machine must be stable and heavy. The weight of the bed compensates for possible vibrations and makes the manufacture of parts more accurate.

Also, the design affects the life of the equipment. If the bed is weak, then the machine will not work long.


The spindle is a rotary tool for interchangeable cutters. Spindles are air or water cooled. They also differ in speed and noise.


Machine tools have three types of engines in different trim levels.

Stepper motors are the most affordable engines. They have all the necessary characteristics for quality work.

Hybrid motors are stepper motors with an encoder. They have the power of stepper motors and a position reader.

Servo motors are the most advanced solution. They are the fastest, most accurate, but much more expensive.


The control desk is an important aspect of the convenience and professionalism of work. We offer NcStudio, Richauto, Syntec and Weihong racks.

Extra features

We offer other additional features:

  • Multiple spindles for parallel operation
  • Multiple tool change spindles
  • Rotary axis for 4D machining
  • Vacuum suction pump
  • Chip suction systems
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