Printing an image is not a problem, but cutting the material according to the required parameters, especially not in a straight line, is a problem for yesterday’s equipment. Tortuous cutting was carried out by the press that was reflected in the price of the finished product, because for the punched-in form, the owner of the press had to pay a considerable amount, regardless of whether the circulation of the ordered product was small or large.

With the advent of the laser engraving equipment, this problem is successfully solved in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs, which is very profitable economically and allows you to expand the scope of work, product range, and therefore take a worthy place in this market segment.

This is the most modern non-contact method of cutting paper and cardboard, thanks to which you can create products of unique design and the most incredible shape. Perfect sizing and absolutely smooth edges characterize the laser cutting of cardboard and paper from the previous methods.

This method allows you to develop and quickly make products of any complexity and purpose, high quality, low circulation, even in this case, laser cutting of cardboard, the price of which is small, is beneficial to the manufacturer.

As a rule, in firms where laser cutting is performed, laser engraving of rare species of paper and cardboard is used. This technique is based on the principle of the influence of the laser beam on the surface. The reaction is that the surface layer of materials, such as cardboard and paper, changes the structure and color. Drawing graphic images, inscriptions, drawings, markings on paper using a laser occurs in an optimally short time, and the image quality is undoubtedly the best of all that was created earlier using other methods.

For example, the speed of engraving on paper and cardboard can be up to 500 mm/second, with no loss in accuracy and image quality.

The use of this technique makes the products unique, makes them presentable, which has a positive effect on the formation of opinion about the company, customer demand and brand creation.

When choosing a machine for these purposes, it is worth thinking about the resulting volume, since the laser machine is not intended, for example, for the production of 5000 boxes per day. But when you need a unique design or a product sample before launching it in a batch (prototyping) it is appropriate to make it on a laser machine.

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