Using laser processing you can easily and quickly cut plastic products with an intricate contour: stencils, signs, parts, logos, souvenirs.

  1. High cutting accuracy. The method is effective in the production of parts with complex internal and external contours, different shapes and configurations, with minimal error. In this case, you can start processing from any site. It is possible to manufacture products according to individual drawings.
  2. The absence of mechanical impact on the surface. Damage to even the most fragile materials is excluded. The width of the cut is insignificant, so the thermal effect on the material cannot be the cause of its destruction or warping. The edge of the cut is perfectly smooth and does not require further adjustment and machining.
  3. High production efficiency. Optimized material consumption and minimum waste. The cutting of the material is controlled by a computer program that sets the direction and positioning of the laser beam.
  4. The efficiency of the work. Due to the power of the beam, high efficiency is achieved and the speed of laser processing is many times higher than by traditional methods, this allows to ensure the readiness of products in the shortest possible time.
  5. The ability to manufacture multi-layer blanks in mass production significantly increases productivity.

It is laser cutting that shows the best results in creating products with a high-precision contour, which is especially important for the advertising industry and in the field of decoration. Manual cutting of this quality will not be possible, and the time costs will be significant.

At the same time, laser treatment significantly reduces the material consumption, allowing you to place the parts on the sheet as tightly as possible. The result is of high quality and no additional processing is required. Plastic is especially often used for advertising purposes for the production of stands and holders, where any ugly edge will be noticeable and distract the attention of the buyer from the displayed product.

Disadvantages of laser cutting of plastic

Laser cutting is a high-tech and quite complex process that involves the participation of skilled workers. And, of course, such quality and accuracy of cutting require the use of high-tech equipment, so the cost of laser cutting services is several times higher than conventional stamping.

However, if you need a piece production or production of small batches, the use of laser cutting is most justified.

It is also worth noting some restrictions on the thickness of the material that can be processed in this way.

Summing up, we can state that despite the complexity of the cutting process, laser processing has pronounced and obvious advantages compared to other types of cutting plastic.

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