Unlimited possibilities of cutting out different forms, which is highly appreciated in the advertising industry, where the attributes of brand symbols of ornate forms are in demand. Depending on the chosen style, the edges can be straight or smooth. This cutting allows you to implement any ideas of the designer and present the advertising medium in the most attractive form.

Cost-effectiveness of experimental (trial) and small runs. In the advertising industry, much depends on the correctness of the chosen solution, so it is often required to perform several layouts. The use of a milling machine for these purposes is not suitable because of the high cost, and laser cutting quickly and efficiently cope with the task of manufacturing test samples.

Efficiency of order fulfillment and waste-free production process. The possibility of placing parts close enough on the layout serves to optimize the use of the material. Laser cutting is performed according to the approved layout, the data of which is loaded into the installation program. The process is fully automated, to eliminate any defects associated with operator error.

High result. After laser cutting, there are no deformations on the material and the original product. No other method of physical influence can provide such quality today. Laser cutting produces a precise cut and a perfectly flat edge that does not require additional processing.

One of the most important advantages of laser cutting over other types is its high accuracy. Automation of the manufacturing process ensures the exact execution of the set dimensions; the error can be only a hundredth of a percent. It is the accuracy that determines the choice of this cutting method, if additional adjustment to the size within the selected technological operation is not economically feasible.

The rapid development of innovative laser technologies has made it possible to create the most efficient cutting method for a wide variety of materials. Laser cutting has proven itself to be a universal way to influence almost any modern material. In addition to plastic, the laser is used in cutting plywood, paronite, paper and metal.

It can be stated that stamping and milling go by the wayside today, in most cases, these methods are used for large-scale replication, where the clarity of faces and accuracy of lines is not so important.

The greatest demand is laser cutting for synthetic materials, including polystyrene, plexiglass. These polymers are widely used in advertising products. These plastics are made of durable and perfectly light-transmitting showcases, all kinds of stands for goods and information stands, holders, racks and attributes of business style. Here, the quality of production, attention to the nuances is of paramount importance. And precisely the laser cutting, thanks to the highest accuracy, provides an attractive appearance of items for displaying goods.

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