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  • Programs for a CNC laser machine are software that allows you to create sketches of future products and turn virtual models into real samples. Using a laser machine, you can cut products and workpieces of various levels of complexity from solid materials. However, in order for the machine to “understand” exactly what it needs to […]

  • CNC milling machines are multifunctional machines for machining wood, plastic and metal. Choosing a laser machine is a complex issue that requires competence. In this article we will give some recommendations. Machine weight and construction The machine must be stable and heavy. The weight of the bed compensates for possible vibrations and makes the manufacture […]

  • Choose power The power of the laser tubes varies from 40 watts to 200 watts. To cut thick materials you need more power. To cut 1 mm plywood, you need 10 watts; to cut 10 mm plywood, you need 100 watts. Optimum power to medium format machines is 80-95 W or 100-120 W. Choose machine […]

  • During engraving, the laser thermally acts on the surface of the material. Such application of forms, graphic images or drawings on materials is called laser engraving. During this process, the material is processed gradually. Material is removed line by line, the laser moves horizontally along individual engraving lines. Using this method, you can process photographs, […]

  • The quality of the engraving depends on several characteristics of the tree: the presence of resin and the density of the material. The more uniform the color and structure of the tree, the sharper and better the engraving. Hard woods allow dark engraving, soft woods – lighter. The drier the wood and the less resin […]